After School Club



After School Club is open for pupils from 2pm-5pm Monday to Friday, aiming to provide safe, yet stimulating play opportunities to meet the needs and choices of the children.


The After School Club is run by our classroom assistants; Mrs Corken, Mrs Kerr, Mrs Nugent, Mrs Mc Caughey, Mrs Crawford and Mrs Mc Carroll.

Daily Routine

We encourage free play allowing the children to choose what they would like to do rather than expecting them to stick to a timetable of activities. Each day there  are a range of activities for the children including playing outdoors with the large play equipment as well as indoor games, board games, construction , console games (Wii or Play Station) and arts and crafts activities.


All pupils attending the After School Club are provided with a healthy snack. This includes toast, bagels, pancakes, muffins and cheese and crackers. A variety of seasonal fruit is also supplied throughout the week and fresh water is available throughout the afternoon.

Ice-pops may be given during a hot afternoon during the summer months as a cooling treat. If you do not wish your child to have one of these, please let us know.  


Your child will be given the opportunity to complete homework during quiet times in the After School Club. However, due to the nature of the club, one to one support cannot be given during these times. On days when there are large numbers of pupils we cannot guarantee homework will be completed.


Everyone, children and adults alike are respected and valued, their ideas and efforts are welcomed and every endeavour will be made to meet the needs of the individual. The setting is less formal than the classroom, but some rules are necessary for everyone's safety and well being. Staff expect children to behave sensibly and respond to adult requests.

Booking a Session

To book your child into the Afterschool Club please book online using the School Money App or in an emergency you can book your child in by phoning the school office.

Afterschool club costs £3.30 per hour.